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Runningboards Digital Mobile Billboard

Say "Hello" To Our Digital Mobile Billboard!

Meet DAV® (Pronounced "Dave")


DAV is our Digital Advertising Vehicle that uses three independent, high-resolution LED screens to drive your message to where the people are.DAV serves a similar purpose as a billboard, but instead of being stuck in one location, he’s mobile. Every day, he sets out on a pre-planned route designed to give clients the highest possible exposure. So when we say that “we drive your message to where the people are,” we mean it!

Mobile Billboard for Special Eventsvents

How Is A Digital Mobile Billboard Different?

There’s more to Runningboards Marketing than just being mobile. Another advantage is that you can run multiple messages per customer. You don’t have to wait for new vinyl to be printed or hope the billboard space you were looking at is available. Your message can be instantly updated, added to the rotation, and in front of your customers!

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The more people see you, the more they choose you.


Digital Billboards Are More Effective Than Static Billboards


We'll Work With You to Create Effective Graphics


We Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Create Cutting-Edge Ads

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